Without question, Methenolone-Acetate is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time; you know it best by its most popular trade name Primobolan. Primobolan is one of the few anabolic steroids that can be found in an oral tablet and injectable form; however, the tablet is normally Methenolone-Acetate, and as such will be our focus today. Most injectable Primobolan is in the form of Methenolone-Enanthate; injectable Methenolone-Acetate can be found, but it is somewhat rare. Either way, the Methenolone hormone is a powerfully effective anabolic steroid, but there are a few important things you’ll need to know about the Acetate tablet version should you choose to use it.

Methenolone-Acetate is one of the few oral anabolic steroids that does not belong to the C-17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) class, and as such this provides a safety benefit as well as a large problem. Due to it lacking the C17-aa nature, it is not toxic to the liver like most oral steroids; however, lacking this C17-aa nature means most of it will be destroyed by the liver before the full benefits can be obtained. For this reason, you will need a much larger dose of oral Methenolone-Acetate as compared to the injectable version; otherwise you’ll be wasting your time. For many, this will make the oral form useless based on the amount they’ll have to buy and money they’ll have to spend to obtain such a large amount, but if you can afford it this can be an excellent choice for most any athlete.

One of the most well-tolerated anabolic steroids of all time, Methenolone-Acetate can be used safely by both men and women; of course, we’re referring to healthy adults. One of the few anabolic steroids that can be used without a high virilization risk for women, while it does not carry the lowest virilization rating, which would belong to Oxandrolone (Anavar), it is a viable option, and still carries a much lower rating than most steroids in the virilization category; this can be an excellent steroid for females.

As it pertains to the benefits, Methenolone-Acetate can be used for off-season and cutting purposes, and this applies to both sexes; however, there are notes. For the off-season male, this is a steroid that will not promote rapid buildups in lean tissue, but it can tremendously aid in the process when stacked with other potent anabolic steroids. For women, due to their sensitivity to the hormone being greater than men, this can be one of the best off-season anabolic steroids of all time. Then we have cutting, and most will find the frontend or mid-way through a cutting plan to be the best option in-order to see this steroid truly shine; there are better alternatives in most cases for the finishing touches.

While Methenolone-Acetate is indeed a quality steroid, there are a few important things you need to be aware of or you will end up wasting your time. First and foremost revolves around this steroid’s popularity, and this largely rest in the Golden Age of bodybuilding. There’s no doubt about it; Primobolan was a very popular anabolic steroid during the late 1960’s through the 1970’s, and it is often strongly associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroid message boards and in gym gossip. Often it’s said this was Arnold’s favorite steroid; how much truth is in the statement only he can answer, but we do know it’s often a bit exaggerated. Some assume this is the primary anabolic steroid he used and all he really needed, but those who have been around performance for any length of time understand this is a bit of an overstatement. Even so, it has been enough to drive the demand up as well as the price; that’s right, Methenolone-Acetate or any Primobolan form will be one of the most expensive anabolic steroids of all time. Further, it is also one of the most commonly counterfeited, and if you’re going to make such a purchase you need to be extremely careful in-regards to who you trust. Absolutely, there is plenty of high quality Methenolone-Acetate on the market, but there’s probably just as much garbage; on this basis, caution is advised.

Through our discussion, we’re going to discover the truth about Methenolone-Acetate; it’s benefits, its possible side-effects and simply its very nature, and in doing so enable you to achieve successful supplementation. We’ll explain what you need to know about making such a purchase, how to implement the steroid into one of your cycles, and most importantly, how to do so in the safest way possible. While it is not the most powerful anabolic steroid on the market, it can play an important role, and based on its high level of toleration this importance only increases.